Dear Sir/Madam, 


As you are aware, GoI is reimbursing 60% scholarship amount to SC students below annual income of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. GoI will stop reimbursing applications recieved after 28-05-2023. In this regard, Social Welfare Dept have announced last date to apply for Scholarship for FY 2022-23 is 28-05-2023 as its also the last date to share the data with GOI for 60% payment.  Last date will not be extended beyond the said date.


Hence requesting all the Universities/Boards to kindly push the bonafide data by 22-05-2023. 


If the registration numbers are not yet generated due to delay in Admission approval, kindly push the data by providing temporary registration numbers. 


Note: If Any University/Board is facing any issue to push the bonafied requesting you to kindly contact us immediately and get the issue resolved if any.



Megha K ,Process Consultant,State Scholarship Portal 

* * * * *

In view of the above message from SSP, e-Governance Cell, University has allotted the Temporary Register Numbers for only those candidates, who haven`t yet received their Permanent Register Numbers and belongs to those institutions which are registered under SSP.  These Temporary Register Numbers may be used for the SSP purpose and applicable for this academic year applications only.  Allotment of Temporary Register Numbers to the candidates` doesn`t mean that their admission is approved.  If any discrepancies are found the same would be withdrawn immediately.


Medical (Issued to the Respective Colleges)

Other than Medical - Proceed Here