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Circular - Online Submission of Internship Transfer

Circular - to Colleges Reg. Online UG / PG Eligibility Certificate

Circular - Reg. Eligibility Certificate for UG Courses

Circular - Reg. Eligibility Certificate for PG Courses

Online Application for Eligibility Certificate from 30.11.2021 onwards

Circular - Karnataka State Farmers Children Scholarship Scheme

Circular - Reminder-2 To conduct Offline / Online Classes in all Affiliated Colleges

Conduct of Online Classes for Undergraduate students

Circular - 1st Year Application Submission to Reward RGUHS Scholarship

University Scholarship Renewal Application Form

Implementation of Academic Assurance

Implementation of Health Benefit Scheme

To Conduct Offline/ Online Classes In All the Affiliated Colleges IN VIEW OF COVID Pandemic

Information Regarding NOC Internship and Migration Transfers

Information Regarding Eligibility Certificate

Circular - Training of Students of Nursing Colleges in English Language

Circular - Feedback from the Students of Colleges affiliated to RGUHS

Circular - To Conduct Online Classes and Online Internals

Circular - Submission of Application with Documents as per the Guidelines to Award Scholarship from the Univ.

Circular Reminder 02 - Regarding Online Classes

Revised Circular - To Conduct Online Classes for the next Academic Term / Semester / Year

Circular - Change of email ID's for Correspondence and Submission of Consolidated Statement of Online Classes

Circular - To Conduct Online Classes for the Next Academic Term / semester / year

The Action Taken Report on the Hon'ble SC Orders - Titled - "Disabled Rights Group and AAR . VS. UOI and Ors"

Circular (regarding hostel stay of UG students)

Amedment to Ordinance B.P.T 2008

Application for Mass migration transfer-regarding