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The Following are the Links for RGUHS E-journlas:

1.     RGUHS Journal of Medical Sciences

Link: https://journalgrid.com/journals/rjms


2.     RGUHS Journal of Dental Sciences

Link: https://journalgrid.com/journals/rjds


3.     RGUHS Journal of Allied Health Sciences

Link: https://journalgrid.com/journals/rjahs


4.     RGUHS Journal of Physiotherapy

Link: https://journalgrid.com/journals/rjpt


5.     RGUHS Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Link: https://journalgrid.com/journals/rjps


6.     RGUHS Journal of AYUSH Sciences

Link: https://journalgrid.com/journals/rjas


7.     RGUHS National Journal of Public Health

Link: https://journalgrid.com/journals/rnjph


8.     RGUHS Journal of Nursing Sciences

Link: https://journalgrid.com/journals/rjns



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